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Your Story

You need an Unfair Advantage to successfully build a real business!

The experts on direct marketing and inbound marketing, Dan Kennedy and Dean Jackson, teach that to be effective you must get prospective customers to look for you personally. Not your brand or website or your ad.

Experience shows that loan officers rely heavily on Realtor referrals for leads to originate loans. On average Realtors close one transaction per month. There is a more robust engine to get borrowers and refi customers to call. The systems are proven to work anywhere with any group.

With the advent of eMarketing you have powerful new competitors: national and regional lenders who can reach your prospects and work with them online. Your local connection is no longer an advantage.

Home Team Benefits gives you unfair advantages you can’t find anywhere else: third party influence of your sponsors, ongoing education, and information consumers want and need.

Text or call 559 676 8800 to see how the demo promotes you. 

Their Story

The current economy lives in the shadow of the triple meltdown of 2008. Surveys lately show that as many as 92% of consumers lose sleep over money worries. We are a nation of individuals looking anxiously for practical answers. 

Home Team Benefits organizes financial concerns into four areas, Your Home, Your Money, Your Future, and Your Family. Consumers want to find answers quickly and easily. Home Team Benefits has answers for them, online, 24/7. Each of these four subjects is featured in a monthly newsletter with calls to action to contact you.

In a BenefitsPro survey, 87% of employees who responded said that they knew they needed financial advice and that they would like to find it at work. They also said that the workplace is the principle source of their financial worth. This is a cry for help!

To see the demo text or call 559 676 8800.

The Big Story

NAR, the National Association of Realtors, tells us that homeowners buy, sell or refinance every five years.

This means that for every 1000 homeowners, one-fifth, or 200 of them, is a prospect every year for a lender and/or a Realtor. 

When you, as the pro, are in contact with them, using HomeTeamBenefits and their employer, union, school district, association or other center of influence, you are positioned as a trusted advisor, someone they can rely on.  

If you are contacted by only one-third of those who are ready to buy, sell or refinance, that is 66 active prospects for a loan, sale or purchase. Year after year.

You can build on that if you actively follow up on requests for quotes and other information offered on the website and in the monthly newsletters and the blog.

That is what can do for you – keep you in front of prospects. Why wait around for referrals when prospects want answers from a trusted source? You are right in front of them.

With this process you are building a business asset that can be sold because you can demonstrate that you have a real business with a history and systems that work!

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