Build a Retro Kitchen

Many people have seen or recall growing up with what we call today a retro kitchen. Those solid and often colorful features speak to us of warm happy times.

Look over this article from House Logic for ideas and guidance before you go begin putting your plans together.

Steve Jobs and Footprints

Steve Jobs left a legacy: Apple. What he regretted at death was that he didn’t leave footprints for others to follow. The very same regret is shared by most people as they approach the end of life. Follow HomeTeamBenefits for more on footprints.

Steve Job’s Last Letter


Responding to Employee Needs

Studies show that 92% of Americans have money worries; suicides are higher than ever since 1932. People need guidance, especially about money matters. What plans does your company have to assist your employees and in return get better productivity, retention and recruiting results? If you or your company are looking for answers, check out

What Drives Employee Engagement?

The Dale Carnegie Institute along with MSW Research, in a national survey concluded that there are three drivers: 

    Relationship with immediate supervisor

     Belief in senior leadership

     Pride in working for the company

Money Worries

‘…92% of Americans are losing sleep due to financial worries’, according to a poll by ComPsych, a leading EAP firm.