Footprints are about family. All of us are allotted a limited number of days on earth with others. Family is foremost among those.

With our passing all that will be left of us is the imprint of our personality, who we were in life, in relationship to those closest to us. What we call memories endure after we are not present.

Footprints can be left for others to share and follow. What will yours be? Why not chose your favorites and those of your family? Things like photos arranged in some chosen order, videos, letters and other writings, your own important thoughts and advice recorded in some form, these and others can be of enormous value to others.

A family member or close friend may enjoy helping you construct this kind of library of personal treasures.

Record your voice in speech or song, playing an instrument, reading favorite books or passages. Identify items of personal property or art works or projects which are of your hands. And include favorite recipes and references to what others have meant to you.

These footprints will mean so much to those who care for you. Reward them with your very best. There is joy in remembering.

Best of all, those who care will remember that you thought first of them in your plans before it was too late.

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