There are two primary activities needed to reach financial goals: cancelling personal debt and managing money. Debt and the costs to carry it will always erode or eliminate the ability to accumulate wealth.

Failing to manage money and assets leaves the results to chance.

There are six areas to monitor to cancel debt and manage money. They are debt, credit, retirement accounts, investments, insurance, and taxes.

To make it easier to keep track of finances consider using an online template for accounts. An excellent one is Another is NerdWallet.

You  will want to enter all your data into whatever template you choose. Before leaving your online account do a tuneup of your finances. That means reviewing all six items listed above.

In addition, set up a regular review to monitor values and cash flow. The recommended order is:

Every payday – Debt

Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct – Investments

March – Retirement Accounts see

May – Credit see

June – Insurance with your agent

November – Taxes with your accountant



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